KTCSC Committee Members

President: Tony Heath E-mail
Chairman: Ian Russell 01536 510392 E-mail
Secretary/Treasurer: Tom Sellers 07812 057051 E-mail: t.sellers@btopenworld.com
Club House Bookings: Sue Russell 01536 510392 E-mail
Archery Rep: Geoff Holmes E-mail
Cricket Rep: Dave Ingham E-mail
Hockey Rep: Eddie Walker E-mail
Rifle Rep: Greg Titcombe 01536 515707 E-mail: greg.titcombe@arcusfm.com
Tennis Rep: Terry Chapman 01536 520430 E-mail: terry@tchapman1.plus.com
Hawks Football Rep: James Bambridge E-mail:
General Rep: Martin Reece E-mail

Want to hire the Clubhouse ?

To find out prices and to check availability, please contact Sue Russell on 01536 510392.